Head Of Technology
Demium Games
Demium Games is a mobile video game incubator, (later it would become a video game studio) where I worked one year, from November 2016 to January 2018. The first months I tried to form a team inside the incubator, but in May I was hired to be the "Head Of Technology" of the incubator, my job being to support the teams by programming, giving mentorships to the team's programmers or developing plugins and tools for the best work of them. Finalizing my stay at Demium, I led the development of a mobile online manager game.
Programmer Intern
Jemchicomac is a mobile video game studio, where I worked as a programmer for 4 months. During my time working in Jemchicomac, I developed a prototype of a turn-based soccer game in Unity for mobile and later I helped the main programmer in the development of the soccer game in real time, handling bugfixing and AI.
Betatester Intern
FX Interactive
FX Interactive is a Spanish video game studio where I was doing internships as a beta tester for their game "FX Fútbol 2015". I collaborated reporting bugs in the Mantis tool and my stay there was 4 months